Nirvana Inn

VVV7+9GJ, Mirza Jangal Rd, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh

Nirvana Inn is a hotel located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 4.00 out of 5 stars based on 2249 reviews. The street address of this place is VVV7+9GJ, Mirza Jangal Rd, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh. It is about 0.26 kilometers away from Panshi Restaurant.

User Reviews

4 Nawshad Hussain - 3 weeks ago

They're very professional and at the same time worthy of every penny. A bit higher than other restaurants but it definitely has been going through this for a pretty long time. On the other hand they're managing VISA processing and other activities also.

3 Jawad Miah - 3 months ago

While entering the ambience wasn't welcoming. There were no guard/staff to open the entrance door as well. The dinner items were not upto the mark. Lack of chinese items.
But the overall staff behaviour was good. Couldn't use the swimming pool as they said it's under maintenance. Rooms were worth the money. The location is very convenient.

4 Nayeem - 2 months ago

Well this place has a good parking spot its quite big. I went there to submit my visa application to the UK vfs. When i was in waiting area there wasn't any AC in the room on top of that they have rooftop made of steal that leaks rain water which was really funny compare to how the important the place is. Nirvana has UK, Canada, Australia vfs. However, the behaviour of the stuff is very professional they were friendly and helpful.

3 Arnob Achariya - 3 weeks ago

Recently I had a visit to Sylhet and stayed here. First of all the entry doesn’t feel like a hotel. It is like more of a Multipurpose building where the entry for the hotel is surprisingly closed. You have a secondary way for entry which makes the entry a little less extravagant. I booked for a two days of stay. I stayed in a room on 3rd floor. The room was spacious however the decor was not upto the mark. The TV was not wall mounted and it was not in a proper place. The bed was comfortable. The washroom was good with a bathtub. But the contorls for lights for the room was old-school. There are few knob situated near the bed which controls the lights which is very old-school for a hotel charging this much. There is a pool. But I found it closed in the evening but it was clearly stated it would be open untill 11. The buffet was good. The food are good. But the restaurant's tablecloth was not very clean and probably it was old and looked rugged. Thats a bjg thumbsdown from me.

Overall in this price group you expect a better room with better decor. But the washroom is amazing.

Room- 3 out of 5
Decor- 2 out of 5
Device control- 1 out of 5
Washroom- 4.5 out of 5
Room Service- 3.5 out of 5
Food- 4 out of 5

3 Fatema Khanam - a month ago

Its a nice place. Parking slot are very large. But its a matter of sorrow there are not enough fan in the waiting room at the 8th floor. There are not also any AC there.

1 kabob uchiha - 3 weeks ago

The restaurant is absolutely horrible. Poor lighting. Poor table quality. Poor carpet. Poor air conditioning. Poor service. Food was extremely rushed, waiters were not able to do their job. Seemed like microwaved food. Would definetely not reccomend.

1 Naman Ahmed - 3 months ago

Caution!! Don't book. Worst hotel. We asked where I could go in Sylhet city as a new visitor. All the staff recommend Parjaton - which is a bad bad place. Don't go there. Save yourself and do your diligence.

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