The City Bank Ltd Amex Lounge Domestic Terminal HSIA

RCW4+MGP Domestic Airport, Airport Roundabout, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh

The City Bank Ltd Amex Lounge Domestic Terminal HSIA is a lounge located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 4.20 out of 5 stars based on 553 reviews. The street address of this place is RCW4+MGP Domestic Airport, Airport Roundabout, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh. It is about 6.67 kilometers away from Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. The City Bank Ltd Amex Lounge Domestic Terminal HSIA is open seven days a week 24 hours a day.

The City Bank Ltd Amex Lounge Domestic Terminal HSIA's timetable
Thursday 24hr open
Friday 24hr open
Saturday 24hr open
Sunday 24hr open
Monday 24hr open
Tuesday 24hr open
Wednesday 24hr open
User Reviews

4 Anwar Parvez Chowdhury - 2 months ago

A cozy lounge. Located on the 1st floor of domestic terminal holding. As per my view, this new lounge is much better compared to the previous City Bank's AMEX. Lounge.

Now the fact findings, well there is no toilet inside the lounge. So you need to go out side of the lounge and a common male and female toilets available. Toilets are clean as per my experience about male toilet. I am sure, the same cleanliness also in the female toilet.

Ok, enough of toilets, let me tell you about food. Limited food choices and for domestic travel, I guess it is absolutely fine. You can have a good cup of Americano coffee, if you desire to have one. Also some Sandwich and cookies as well. No soft drinks but you can have bottled water.

Plenty of sitting arrangement available. They do some books to kill your waiting time and also free WIFI.

Good decor is seen all over the lounge.

5 Arnav Tanveer - a week ago

+ Lounge looks good
+ Ambience was great
+ Food was ok
+ No softdrinks. That's broke my heart
+ Service was good

4 Md. Mustafizur Rahman Sonnet - 6 months ago

Environment is much better than other Lounge.
Very limited food items available here.

4 A T M Hasibul Hasan Parag - a month ago

The best option for taking rest at the airport. I use this lounge every week. You must have Amex Platinum to have unlimited access throughout the year. In gold card only 5 access per year for free. The space is quite cozy and comfortable. But unfortunately they don’t have any washroom inside. Moreover, they only provide different snacks and very limited number of dessert items. They should increase the number of food items. Food tasted quite good though.

5 mosleh uddin - a week ago

Place is comfortable for a short time stay.

1 Mabs Alam - a month ago

This is a complete nuisance of the Amex brand. It’s more like a franchise where they only take local city bank customers. Pointless for international AMEX cardholders even if it’s platinum/ gold/ black or whatever. I called their call centre prior to arrival at their lounge and I was told international platinum/ gold is accepted to bring 3 guests. On desk it’s a different story.
A way of making money for local people and the standard of crowd is rubbish.
Doesn’t deserve any star.

4 Nayeem Mehedi - 2 weeks ago

A lounge solely for The City Bank Amex card users. You have to have either Gold or Platinum card holders to access this lounge.

You will find snacks, tea-coffee, water and also free wifi.

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