Buffet O'Clock

Keari Cresent (Level:8, 60 Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Restaurant Buffet restaurant

Buffet O'Clock is a restaurant and buffet restaurant located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 3.40 out of 5 stars based on 440 reviews. The street address of this place is Keari Cresent (Level:8, 60 Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh. It is about 1.27 kilometers away from Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. Buffet O'Clock is open seven days a week from 01:00pm to 10:00pm.

Buffet O'Clock's timetable
Thursday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM
User Reviews

4 Mubin KHan - 9 months ago

This buffet is best for average price.
Buffet O'Clock is beautiful restaurant.
But not very big.
Some of their food are best.
Like Thai Soup, Crab, Chinese Salads , Khichuri etc.
There kabab taste is average.
But there main problem is desert section.
Many people couldn't taste any of the cakes. They should bring more cakes so that everyone can taste the food.

There service is good.

4 Sangram Sarker - 8 months ago

The quality of this buffet is very good.They serve fresh item u0026 refill also. I found 4 types of meat as chicken, duck, mutton, beef by only TK 600. They also add Coral fish on their item that was also tasty.

4 Al amir zubair tusher - 9 months ago

If you say i want to eat and need a good place for taking pictures then this is a good choice for you.

This is a nice looking buffet restaurant in dhanmondi and surprisingly their food items also taste good.Decent food item and some items are mind blowing.I loved their food as well as some are not up to the mark.Some food item i think no need to put there.Also,they should focus on desert item much more but but but their pastries omg what was that!!!! BEST pastries i have ever tasted in a buffer restaurant.Its better than a high class cake shops cake .

Refill also decent but add some more mouthwatering item.

Food -7/10

4 Asif Sami - 6 months ago

Place is a bit small, but the ambiance is very nice and cozy. I’d say this is a very good place for sudden hangouts. The price is competitive, and for most of the items, I’d rate them as ‘decent’. For 500 bdt, it was a decent experience.

4 Anwar Parvez Chowdhury - 6 months ago

This is a mid standard restaurant. Price wise, very reasonable. Usually offer buffet but I am not sure, if they also offer à la carte.

Number of total items not bad and taste wise, I would take them 6 out of 10. Well, I didn't try all the items, so my marking might be wrong.

The enterance of the restaurant is a bit shabby and you need to walk through a narrow corridor to get into the elevator.

I have tried their buffet Iftar and it was fine.

The ambiance is nice and well decorated. Tables are placed adequately, so a privacy can be maintained.

2 Masud Rana - 2 months ago

All the items were not available. Food quality average, only mutton biriyani was up to the mark. Overall it's not a perfect place for food lovers. The desert items were below average in taste, in fact frustrating. There is small play zone for babies, but with no toys, only a broken horse.

So personally I've no wish to visit the place again.

5 Mahbubur Rahman Emon - a year ago

Food taste is average. But their food quality is great. Everything was very fresh. They have variety in their buffet menu. I've never seen any other buffet place serving mutton in this price (600 taka) with unlimited drinks. They served sprite, coca cola and Mineral water. They also served some fishes like Coral and Dory fish. Taste should be improved. If they can maintain the quality and can serve tasty food, undoubtedly they will do very good. I might visit them again. Overall my experience was good if not great.

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