Hotel Agrabad

Sabder Ali Road, Agrabad C/A, Chattogram 4000, Bangladesh
Hotel Massage spa

Hotel Agrabad is a hotel and massage spa located in Chattogram, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 4.30 out of 5 stars based on 3958 reviews. The street address of this place is Sabder Ali Road, Agrabad C/A, Chattogram 4000, Bangladesh. It is about 6.54 kilometers away from পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত.

User Reviews

5 Mohammad Tayeeb - 3 weeks ago

They are up to the mark of a 4 star hotel as they claim. I really liked it there. Their staff were helpful, kind, and professionally informative. Their exterior seems old but the interior in particular was very calming and luxurious for a 4 star hotel.
The pool water was clean and it was a pretty big swimming pool. Poolside hospitality and manners were great. They have two lifeguards waiting nearby to handle any kind of situation within the pool.
Breakfast was included and the buffet menu was great. The food quality and taste was excellent. They really know how to arrange platters and sets in a uniform manner for the convenience in the dinning hall.
Would go back there again if I ever visit Chittagong city.

5 Jawad Anwar - 4 months ago

It has the best swimming pool in whole Chittagong town. The pool is vast and deep enough, almost 10 feet at the deepest part. So its very comfortable and relaxing to swim here. Radisson and Peninsula also have pools but compared to this, they seem like a bathtub. Highly recommended if someone is looking for a place to swim.

4 Shahab Uddin Shihab - a week ago

A beautiful hotel.The environment inside is also very good.The entire hotel is beautifully decorated with air conditioning.The security system in this hotel may be very good.Because a few days ago when I entered this hotel to join an educational program,they checked me. Although it looks bad,I feel good thinking about safety.It was quite good for me.
Thank you.

3 Habib - 2 months ago

I stayed there for 2 days.

Hotel decoration and amenities -u003e 5/5
Hotel Swimming pool -u003e 5/5
Hotel Air condition -u003e 10/5 (it felt January like coldness inside all over the hotel 24/7
Service -u003e 5/5 (awesome)

Darkness inside the hotel -u003e very dark, may be loved by many people, but I felt I was in a bar inside the hotel
Food -u003e 0/5 (extremely poor quality, food was fresh but no taste and not up to the mark as a 4 star hotel. Also food and drinks are very expensive as a 4 star hotel.

Room size -u003e 3/5 ( I did not like it as it does not go with the high price)

4 Shafiul Azam Khan - 2 months ago

I was serpriced after entering into the room. I did not expect modern facility in this old premise. They are maintaining everything perfectly though we have found our 1st given room AC was not working but whike jotify it, they have immediately changed the room.

For business or family trip, it should be one of best choice. Their food also good but could not avail other services due to rush business trip. But I must say, if one person chose this place to stay, it will be really money worthy.

2 박영출 - a month ago

Facilities are not so bad but shower water pressure is too low and inconvenient for taking shower and very stressful. Hotel was informed of the fact but they do not have intension to upgrade.

1 Hafsa Haque - a month ago

They charge guests for water at breakfast buffet. That is surprising and extremely annoying. I have been to so many hotels, even low budget buffet breakfast hotel, but never been changed for water in buffet.
I observed that when guest ask for water, they become surprised that it cost 40TK for small water, and they go at take the juice from the dispensers. So, good food are served, but NO WATER to swallow it down.

Hotell room is good, but they often fail on keeping non smoking floor non-smoking.

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