Akboria Grand Hotel

Thana Mor, Kazi Nazrul Islam Rd, Bogura 5800, Bangladesh
Restaurant Bakery Cafe Hotel

Akboria Grand Hotel is a restaurant, bakery, cafe and hotel located in Bogura, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 4.10 out of 5 stars based on 3372 reviews. The street address of this place is Thana Mor, Kazi Nazrul Islam Rd, Bogura 5800, Bangladesh. It is about 3.61 kilometers away from Momo Inn Hotel & Resort.

User Reviews

4 Urmi Debnath - a month ago

This is a place for authentic Bangladeshi food in Bogura. The food quality is high, the taste is great and the service is good. There is not much of an ambience or interior. We went there for lunch. The optimum time for lunch is 1-2 pm. The variety of dishes is great. Their mutton is very good.

1 Hasan Reza - 4 months ago

Food Quality is not so good, it’s average. Quantity and quality of their food will disappoint you. I was very much shocked. Waiters response also very poor except few.

I like to inform managing concern of "Akboria Grand Hotel", you need to be more conscious about your quality, quantity and customer management side.

2 Sadad Zuhair - 2 months ago

They are extremely famous in this city. They are known for being generously charitable.
The restaurant is always crowded and is highly demanding. I dont know why but this place was overhyped. The food taste or quality wither isn't upto high standards. The last seat on the second floor is very dirty and had roaches.
They have an advantage over the location. Located in the heart of the city.

4 Md. Saidur Rahman - 3 days ago

Its a really very nice residential hotel along with good environment.Here you get many services by reasonable cost.Journey ticket purchase charge,ironing clothes u0026 food delivery charge,using Wi-fi charge is totally free.When you are in Bogura then you may stay in Akboria Residential Hotel for better experience.

2 BassAnup xStringer - 4 months ago

the narrow entrance can be scary, specially if there's any incident.
The room was okay. The ancient AC worked perfectly, but the mini fridge in the room was just for show. There was a phone, but it was in the drawer, not working.
Room service staff was quite responsive to the call bell. wifi is good.
restaurant is available nearby, but no stores to buy a coke or a nail clipper.
the welcome package is a nice touch.

the worse part is, I asked for a wake up call in the morning which they forgot and I almost missed my bus.
Room tariff is a bit weird, single room costs more than a double room, so I stayed in a double all by myself.
stayed for two days in room no S2

4 Syed Irteza Ahmed Labib - 5 months ago

Had breakfast there as a recommendation. Had Khichuri and Milk tea there. Both was very tasty. The beef khichuri was well cooked and the beefs were so tender and juicy. The tea tasted like curd a little but. This place worth a visit. The waiters were also well behaved. Cost was also minimal.

4 Saiful Islam - 4 months ago

AC restaurant. Nice environment. Polite behaviour from hotel's staff waiter. Delicious food, yummy taste..Above all its a decent restaurant.

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