Government Brojomohun College, Barishal

BM College Rd, Barishal 8200, Bangladesh

Government Brojomohun College, Barishal is a college located in Barishal, Bangladesh. The average rating of this place is 4.40 out of 5 stars based on 1077 reviews. The street address of this place is BM College Rd, Barishal 8200, Bangladesh. It is about 1.42 kilometers away from Barishal Launch Ghat. Government Brojomohun College, Barishal is closed on Friday, and other days it is 24 hours open.

Government Brojomohun College, Barishal's timetable
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Saturday 24hr open
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Thursday 24hr open
User Reviews

5 Sajib Das - 2 months ago

Brojomohun College or BM College is one of the leading and oldest traditional educational institutions of Bangladesh. It is located in the southern part of Bangladesh in the city of Barisal. Ashwinikumar Dutta, a noted social worker, politician and educationist, founded the college in 1889. At that time the college was affiliated to Calcutta University. At that time, the quality of this college was so high that many called it the Oxford of South Bengal. The college was nationalized in 1965 and currently the college is affiliated to Bangladesh National University.

3 Sharmin Sara - 6 months ago

I visited the college yesterday. The area of this college is quite big, it has 2 playground, 3 ponds and lots of buildings u0026 departments. The environment inside the college is calm and beautiful. ❤️

5 Ruhel Jaman - 2 months ago

On June 14, 1889, Aswini Kumar Dutta founded Brojo Mohan College, which was named after his father, Brajamohan Dutta.
The first principal of the college was Babu Gyan Chandra Chowdhury. While Ashwini Kumar Dutta taught English and logic, Kali Prasanna Ghosh taught history and Kamini Kumar BidyaRatna taught Sanskrit and Bengali. In 1898, BM College was transformed into a "First Grade College" from a "Second Grade College". In 1912, the college went to government management from personal management strategy. In the beginning the college used the BM School campus and was relocated its own present complex sometime later.
BM College, affiliated to Calcutta University, started honours course in English and philosophy in 1922, in Sanskrit and mathematics in 1925, in chemistry in 1928, and finally in economics in 1929. The time from 1922 to 1948 is called the "Golden Period" of the college. The governor of Bengal at that time, Sir Udbarn, once commented on BM College, "The college promises some day to challenge the supremacy of the metropolitan (Presidency) College."
After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the college lacked teachers and the student body fell to one third of its post-war size. This made it difficult to teach the same numbers of courses and as a result the two year Honors curriculum conducted by Calcutta University was replaced with the three Honors curriculum of Dhaka University. As a consequence, Honors courses except Mathematics were abolished in 1950. In 1952, Honors in mathematics had also been discontinued. In 1964, Honors in economics restarted. Several other Honors and Masters Courses started between 1972 and 2005.
The time since 1965 has been called the "Age of Enrichment" of the college. There are 20 degree (pass) courses, 22 Honors courses and 21 Masters courses at BM College. On 10th January 2014, Honors Course in Statistics was launched under the leadership of Prof. Biplab Kumar Bhattacharjee in collaboration with Prof. Nasim Haider. Professor Biplab Kumar Bhattacharjee was the founding head of the Department of Statistics. Its journey started with only 11 students. HSC course was abolished in 1999.

5 Omar Sultan Mohammad Sunny - a week ago

One of the best and oldest educational institution of Bangladesh. Soon it will be a full fledged public University

5 Rakib Sheikh - 10 months ago

It’s old College in Bangladesh. And a very good one. Lots of space what actually very good environment for education.

5 Toyobur Enam - 3 months ago

Best Place for Education Under National University of Bangladesh. It's also a best park in Barisal. Attractive area for tourists.
You can come here for natural refreshment with your friends or family.
Have a good day.
Thank you.

5 Mohammad Haque - a year ago

One of the best Educational Institute of Bangladesh. One of the Oldest also. (Established in 15th June 1889). Lot's of history involved also.

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